Thursday, February 16, 2017

Swisher and A-Rod Return to Yankees This Spring

Double dipping at the 7:00 pm ET hour, naughty Daniel. Hey, we do things our way here. Always have, always will so here’s a quick hit regarding some news you may or may not have already read. Remember, still trying to play catch up over here.

Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher will both return to the New York Yankees this spring but not as players like we’ve once seen. This time the pair will be special guest instructors at Yankees camp. How freaking cool is that? I want to be Gleyber Torres and Clint Frazier right about now, how about you?

Both Alex and Nick were instructors for New York at the Yankees’ instructional league team last fall as well although this will be the first time they will be coaching during spring training, period, which is always kind of fun.

Alex and Swish will join an impressive list of instructors including, but not limited to, Goose Gossage, Reggie Jackson, Hideki Matsui, Ron Guidry, Willie Randolph, Stump Merrill and Lee Mazzilli.


  1. Greedy Pinstripes...Allow me a moment to focus in.

    Firstly, it was a good sign that today, that Brian Cashman said
    that the team is not waving the white flag, regarding the 2017 season.
    There now may be hope.

    Second, and the driving to the point, of this posting.
    The last series of my postings.

    When Daniel went MIA here, for almost a month,and that is his right.
    The waters got muddied, with a bit of rip tide.
    'ALL' that post here voiced their concerns. Including many leaving. ALL.

    I targeted Bryan Van Dusen, for info try to right the ship.
    What I got back from him was third grade blather. Empty words.

    Bryan, the second in command, responded in a lower tier way.
    Weak, is being kind.
    I will not apologize for being a dick. Nor, do I want a response.
    Every insult hurled by me, would be thrown again.

    Welcome back Daniel. Glad all is well.

    1. I believe Cashman about not waving the flag as much as I believe he has a full head of hair. This roster is not constructed to compete and though he gives his fan base some hope for the season with his banter. A common sense person see's this team can't compete with its current roster. We do have suspects on the farm so that is a change from the past. This team might give you a few teases along the way to boost your hopes but asking anyone of the young kids to be comparable to Beltran is much. Asking Gardner and Ellsbury to hit about the 260 mark and steal bases is another. Having Sanchez duplicate what he did in half a season will be difficult. To ask that CC and Pineda and anyone else not named Tanaka compete daily on the mound is like asking me and Reed to agree.

    2. Ken H....
      You are misunderstanding the whole thing, again! Yes, Cashman says the right things but, we all know, this is a set-up year.
      Can Sanchez and Romine hold down their job?
      Can Bird play as before?
      Can Castro Play/Hit as he should?
      How about Headley, is he in trouble?
      Can Judge win the RF job?
      Hicks is not impressive at all!
      One of Brett/Ellsbury must go!

      Pitching is ok for this year, in my opinion. Next year we may lose Pineda, CC, and Tanaka, right? Who do we have to replace them with? If we block all the kids this year....FUBAR, next year! We need the kids to play this year so we know what we have and don't have.

      All, my humble opinion.

    3. Trust me Reed I haven't misunderstood anything the Elf has said. I am fully aware of his BS he gives to people like you that buy into making the playoffs, remember you said that a few days prior, or have you forgotten that when I called you out? I told you I was the only one last year that predicted the Yankees outcome of 4th place. You were all in on playoffs. You can't have it both ways Reed. Your either buying your playoff comment or your off the good ship lollipop

    4. Ken H, I never said anything about being in the playoffs last year. I never gave my opinion at all.
      I have said the Yankees could make the playoffs in 2018 and that 2017 is a setup for 2018.

    5. I definitely had the Yankees winning the second Wild Card last year and I own that, I was wrong. They did give it a hell of a run though and they did so without their best players on the team, I think that speaks to something about their young guys and the guts of the players that are left.

      And thank you patrick. I was gone for too long.

    6. Reed I'm going to find your post a week or so that you said they will make the playoffs in 2017

    7. Ken H....
      Oh, this year?! Ok, they could, with a lot of IFs along the way. I thought you were talking about last year, sorry about that!
      If you find it, show me, will you? I don't remember writing it but, I won't say no too it. I do think 2017 is pushing it some.


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