Thursday, March 9, 2017

Quick Hit: Alex Rodriguez to Expand Role as FOX Analyst

Alex Rodriguez’s days as a player are officially over, although next time he sneezes or goes to a sports store there will be some dumb ass blog or news publication out there “wondering” if it’s because he is gearing up for a comeback, but his days as a FOX Sports analyst are just beginning. According to a few reports Alex is getting his role with the network expanded in fact which may further confirm that his playing days are over.

After spending each of the past two postseasons as a guest studio analysts for FOX the former Yankees third baseman and DH will now be a game analyst and feature reporter for both FOX Sports and FS1 while also working in the studio as he did before.

Alex signed a multi-year deal with the network but none of the terms were obviously disclosed.


  1. He's also expanding his role in J-Lo...

  2. IF I were 50 years younger, I would like to be as lucky...but I have what I want. 'The Boss' is good and mean, with her LONG (real) nails!


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