Saturday, May 6, 2017

So it Seems We’re Really Okay

Before the start of the 2017 regular season while I was looking around on Twitter, Facebook and here on the blog you generally had your same cast of characters. The eternally optimistic crowd that had this person and that person exceeding expectations leading the Yankees to the postseason, this is me. Then you had the eternally pessimistic crowd who had the team losing 100 of their first 105 games while being mathematically eliminated from the postseason by June 1st, that’s definitely not me but there are quite a few of these people floating around the internet. Then you have the crowd that is just along for the ride. I’m far too passionate to be just along for the ride but this week I was tested and I came out of it knowing one thing, we really are okay.

The Yankees are okay and better than most expected and life just keeps on getting better all the time. Sure we get thrown the occasional curve ball and the far-too-often fastball that knocks you on your butt but it’s those jabs and punches that defines us. It is those that makes us what we are… and we are pretty damn great. Hey you. Have a great Saturday everyone. 

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