Tuesday, May 9, 2017

USA Today’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings

Another week down and another week of pure Yankees dominance, just ask those Chicago Cubs. Not even 18-innings could keep the Yankees down, although next time guys you don’t necessarily have to make it so interesting, as the team continues to fly high not only in the American League East Division but in these rankings as well. Let’s see just how well they did.

The New York Yankees climbed two more spots this week and are currently the third best team in all of Major League Baseball according to these rankings. The Washington Nationals are still first, the Houston Astros are second, the Baltimore Orioles are 4th and apparently being swept at home by the Yankees is good enough to drop you three spots to the 5th position if you are the Chicago Cubs.

The rest of the American League East can be found at the 9th position with the Boston Red Sox, the 13th position with the Tampa Bay Rays and the 27th position with the Toronto Blue Jays. Imagine how low the Blue Jays will fall if Marcus Stroman misses significant time or has a flare up with his armpit muscle. Scary thought for them.

The biggest rise of the week went to the Cincinnati Reds who rose a whopping thirteen spots all the way to the 14th best position in the rankings while the Texas Rangers fell a staggering 10 spots to the #22 position. For Texas, in the now immortal words of Yankees manager Joe Girardi, it’s not what you want but the Reds are getting hot just in time for a series with the Yankees that continues tonight.

The Yankees are for real ladies and gentleman. Deal with it. 

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