Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Game Thread: New York Yankees @ Cincinnati Reds 5/9

Here we go ladies and gentleman, it is game time in Cincinnati as the Cincinnati Reds play host to the New York Yankees in the second and final game of this quick two-game interleague series. Last night was Masahiro Tanaka’s turn to take the ball for the Yankees and tonight it is CC Sabathia’s turn who is looking to turn around a recent rough string of starts. The man looking to keep the Yankees offense in check, and good luck with that lately, is Tim Adleman for the Reds. The game will be played at 7:10 pm ET inside the Great American Ball Park and can be seen on FOX Sports One. You can also follow along on the radio if you’re blacked out on WFAN.

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Go Yankees!


  1. The Freakin' Sea Anchor again !...Another beer, please.

    The Sabathia down slide is attempting to kill this season, again.
    It will only get worse. Jesus can not help this guy. It is over !

    Let the $25 million dollar man find another booze supply in
    another travel hotel, somewhere else.

    This is too predictable every five days for me to be piling on.

    Please, take your out of shape body, and go away.
    Who would claim this guy ? Boston ? Is that the issue ?

    1. I couldn't agree more. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to look in the mirror and say "I can't do this anymore." But I really wish that athletes would retire with a little more grace. More often than not, they hang on way too long and we end up remembering them for what they became and not what they were. At one time, CC was the ace of anybody's staff. Now, he's an overweight, out of shape pitcher that can neither pitch nor field his position. Sad.

    2. just to add to that, Jeff

      CC with the NYY.

      3.80 ERA, 1500+ IP, 107-70 record. That's with 3 TERRIBLE years! I think over 9 seasons. pretty badass.

    3. I agree Daryl. When CC was signed, he was absolutely our ace, but he's not that guy anymore. That's why I said "retire with grace." He attempted to transition into a different kind of pitcher and clearly can't. I don't remember Andy Pettite struggling for 3 years.

    4. C.Sea Anchor, and the words that will never be uttered.

      " Coach Girardi, may I have a moment ? Thank you.
      Coach, I can not cut it any longer. I am hurting the team.
      I am going to hang'em up, and go home to my wife, and kids.
      Best of luck coach. It is time."

      Joe Girardi..."I understand C.Sea Anchor, and it was about time,
      two years ago."


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