Friday, August 4, 2017

Why the Yankees Traded For So Much International Spending Pool Money

I have to admit that when I saw that the New York Yankees traded Double-A pitcher Yefrey Ramirez for just some international spending pool money I was a tad bit upset. I was willing and able to rant when I read it. Then I read that New York also acquired some additional money, $1.5 million to be exact, in the Sonny Gray deal with the Oakland Athletics that sent Jorge Mateo, Dustin Fowler and James Kaprielian out west which got me thinking. Why are the Yankees suddenly so caught up in acquiring international spending pool money when the team is no longer under spending restrictions in the IFA market and can spend as much as they want in 2017? So then I started doing some research and here is what I came up with so far.

There has been a change in how the international signing period works and the changes which came from the Collective Bargaining Agreement that runs from 2017-2021 begin with the 2017-2018 international signing period. I am not going to go into the very complicated and detailed reports of the entire agreement but here is the Readers Digest version of it. The new rules allows teams to trade for up to 75% of the pool that the league allots them every single signing period. This year the league gave the Yankees a bonus pool of $4.75 million to spend on international free agents so if you multiple that by 75% and carry the one the Yankees could conceivably acquire $3,562,500 from other teams giving the team a total of 8,212,500 to work with on the international market.

Now it is worth keeping in mind that the Yankees have already signed Venezuelan outfielder Everson Pereira to a $1.5 million deal while also signing Venezuelan shortstop Robert Chirinos for $900,000. The Yankees have made a few other deals as well and according to Jesse Sanchez of the Yankees have already spent $4.28 million of their IFA spending pool this signing period. That leaves the Yankees $470,000 before what the team acquired in the Gray deal, the Yefrey Ramirez deal and the Matt Wotherspoon deal with the Orioles from earlier last month. If the Yankees were to conceivably acquire the entire 75% in bonus pool money that the CBA allows the Yankees would have $3,982,500 in spending money left but who would the team spend it on?

Well at the time of this writing the #6 top rated international prospect Raimfer Salinas is available as well as #8 prospect Antonio Cabello. The Yankees could be gearing up to make a run at one or both of these top prospects to add to the pool that already includes Chirinos and Pereira. Make it happen Cashman, add all the blue chip potential prospects and talent that the league allows you to add, even if losing a player like Yefrey Ramirez did anger me a bit. There’s a plan in place, a plan that I am personally not privy to, and that plan is in action which truly just excites the hell out of me. 


  1. The Yankees still have to sign Ronny Rojas when he turns 16 on August 23rd. He's the #11 International Prospect according to This is an exciting group of future prospects but of course Sonny Gray will be a grizzled 30-something veteran pitcher before these guys start making noise.

    1. I believe his money is factored into my totals. I am 99% sure actually because the signing is announced, just unofficial.


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