Saturday, September 2, 2017

Yankees Will “Consider” Re-Signing CC Sabathia, But Should They?

The New York Yankees have some decisions to make regarding the 2018 season and while the team cannot admit to looking ahead to next season in the midst of a pennant and playoff race, I can. The 2018 season has been on my mind all season long and will remain their all winter long as well as the team positions itself to get under the luxury tax threshold while also competing with their stable of young stars and prospects. Every young team that wants to compete needs that veteran piece to help them along the way though and the New York Yankees announced this week that left-handed starter CC Sabathia may be that veteran piece for the club next season. Sabathia is a free agent at the end of the season and the Yankees are said to be “willing to consider” bringing back the veteran for the 2018 season on a one-year deal, but should they?

In my opinion I don’t see why the team wouldn’t want to extend at least a one-year deal out to Sabathia. Sabathia has 11 victories currently after beating the Boston Red Sox for the fifth straight time on Thursday night and despite a couple disabled list stints has remained relatively healthy, durable and effective throughout the 2017 season. It seems as though Sabathia has learned to pitch, not throw, with his reduced velocity and has seemingly worked on his control and command of all his pitches on both sides of the plate. Sabathia has learned how to “Andy Pettitte” this thing and it has been a sight for sore eyes within the Yankees organization here in 2017.

Sabathia leads all active MLB pitchers with 2,816 strikeouts, 38 complete games and 299 quality starts and ranks second in wins with 233, innings pitched with 3,283.2 and starts with 503. How awesome would it be as a fan to watch Sabathia get to 3,000 strikeouts in a Yankees uniform? Here’s an even better question, how awesome would it be to watch Sabathia mentor the young guns in the Yankees starting rotation like Luis Severino, Jordan Montgomery, Chance Adams and others for one more season while giving the Yankees presumably 12-13 wins and an ERA under 4.00. Don’t scoff, his ERA is under 4.00 this season and he is seemingly getting stronger and better as the season is wearing on.

Bringing back Sabathia, assuming it doesn’t break the bank or the plan for austerity, is a no-brainer if you ask me. Having Masahiro Tanaka back next season is no guarantee and Michael Pineda is likely gone for the 2018 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery leaving the Yankees with potentially two slots to fill. One of those slots could and should be filled by Sabathia. If he’s great next season, awesome. If he’s not, it’s a lot easier to eat or trade a one-year deal worth a reasonable amount of money than the $25 million that Sabathia is currently making here in 2017. Make it happen, Cash. 


  1. I don't think it's a bad idea. As long as he signs for about $10 million for 1 year. Tanaka is going to opt out. Let him go. I could live with a rotation of Severino, Gray, Montgomery, Adams, and Sabathia.

  2. Sunday,Sept.3rd...Tonight's game is now the most important game
    of the year.

    They are either three behind, or five behind at games end.

    The starting pitcher, Severino, has not shown at any time all season,
    that he can step up, and control an must game. Not once.

    The new face of baseball, Judge, has been awful since late July. Awful.

    The chasers, Twins etc, are on their heels, all the while the Yankees
    have not shown all season that they can control their destiny.
    Four AM will come early for me now. The Yankees get shelled later.

    Sorry, mugs, but that is my take.

  3. My prediction stunk! I'm glad.
    I predicted the team would get shelled last night. They did not.
    I felt very good about that all day.

    1. Severino pitched well and the Yankees won. Taking three-of-four this weekend was huge. In the standings and for confidence.


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