Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Yankees Postseason History Recap: Mr. November

You know I may be willing to admit that I may be a little bit of a homer and a little bit of a bias Yankees fan, sue me. I can hide that in my writing if I have to but when I am on the blog I let my passion and my fandom show so you have to excuse me when I say that Michael Kay is the best play-by-play announcer in the league. I love his voice, his knowledge and the way he and the crew over at the YES Network calls the game. I can’t help it. One call I will always remember is the call he made back in the World Series of 2001 after the clock struck midnight on November 1st.

Game 4 of the 2001 World Series was pushed back due to the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States and for the first time in major League Baseball history a World Series game was played in the month of November. The Arizona Diamondbacks had closer Byung-Hyun Kim on the mound and the Yankees had Derek Jeter at the plate in a series that they trailed 2-1 in.

Jeter fought off eight pitches before hitting a home run on the ninth pitch to walk off and give the Yankees the lead. What did Michael Kay call Derek Sanderson Jeter after the home run? He called him “Mr. November.”

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