Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Yankees Third Base Options As We Inch Towards Pitchers & Catchers

The New York Yankees need an infielder, either at second base or third base, and while the team prepares to swap arbitration numbers with key members of their 2018 team undoubtedly their GM still has his eyes on the prize. It seems much easier and much more likely for the Yankees to fill the third base position while allowing Ronald Torreyes and Tyler Wade to keep the second base seat warm for Gleyber Torres so let’s take a look at the potential third base options for the Yankees as we inch towards pitchers and catchers reporting to spring camp.

When the Yankees traded Chase Headley to the San Diego Padres along with Bryan Mitchell the first tweet I sent out was “Miguel Andujar is your Opening Day third basemen Yankees family” and I still stand behind the fact that this is a possibility. Is it likely? No, probably not but it is certainly possible. Andujar is the Yankees fifth best prospect according to some publications after making his MLB debut last season and while his glove could likely use some work, his bat seems ready for MLB pitching. If Andujar can show some progress with the glove, or at least fake it through Spring Training camp, I still believe that he will be the Yankees starting third basemen on Opening Day. Deal with it.

If the Yankees aren’t comfortable giving the job to Andujar, or Thairo Estrada who has never spent time above Double-A in his minor league career, then the team may be more inclined to give the spot to Ronald Torreyes. Torreyes filled in admirably for the injured Didi Gregorius at the beginning of the 2017 season and could be relied upon at third, second or even shortstop next season. Torreyes could be the perfect placeholder for New York while Andujar gets some work down in the Minor Leagues defensively or while the Yankees stall on bringing Gleyber Torres up due to service time.

Speaking of Gleyber Torres, and I know this seems contradictory to the first paragraph in the article, but it is still a distinct possibility here, the final option for the Yankees at third base is the same option they have at second base, Gleyber Torres. In the opening paragraph of the article we outlined how the Yankees could let a combination of Ronald Torreyes and Tyler Wade hold down the position for the 20 games Gleyber needs to be in the minor leagues in order to delay his free agency another season and there is no reason why the team couldn’t do something similar at the third base position. Gleyber is a natural shortstop but has played shortstop, second base and third base with the Yankees and the Chicago Cubs during his minor league career.

I feel like I should mention Manny Machado and Todd Frazier here, but I just don’t believe in my heart of hearts that either will sign with or be acquired by New York this offseason. I don’t. Prove me wrong, Cash.


  1. Nice post, Georgia volunteer for the confederacy. That's not a
    bad thing to say.
    Neither was the term shoe polish, but you saw how that went down.

    Third base ? I read everything, like you. And, I can only guess.
    My take as of today? Andujar, and Frazier are gone by spring training.
    Not happy about it, but you have to give to get.

    Two weeks ago, I may not have said that.
    The winds of trade rumors are shifting again.
    Stay well Dan-o.

  2. I believe, with the hitting we have, we can go with a big time glove at 3rd base...Kyle Holder?
    The pitching staff are somewhere around 30-40% ground ball pitchers. One of (if not) the best gloves in the infield is Kyle. Not much of a hitter but he isn't bad enough that we can't save more runs at 3rd than he gives up at the dish.


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