Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Official 2018 Brian Cashman Appreciation Post

May I have your attention please, thank you. Can we have a quick moment of silence for all the opposing pitching staffs that have to face the New York Yankees here in 2018.

Thank you.

Now as we move on this morning, this winter and into this spring I wanted to take a second to give my true appreciation to the General Manager of the New York Yankees, Mr. Brian Cashman. Not only did Brian Cashman build up an amazing farm system from the ground up, but Cashman showed a willingness to use those prospects not only in trades, but at the Major League level too. Cashman and his Baby Bombers made it all the way to the American League Championship Series in 2017 and were one win away from heading to the World Series. While most GM’s and teams would be happy with this, especially given the fact that the Yankees weren’t expected by many to even compete until the 2018 season, but Mr. Cashman obviously was not.

Cashman, with the plans and orders to get under the $197 million luxury tax threshold in hand, went out and improved the team this offseason the best way he knew how, like a ninja on the trade market. Not only did Cashman bring in the reigning National League MVP in Giancarlo Stanton for essentially Starlin Castro and a couple table scraps, but he also unloaded Chase Headley’s contract on the San Diego Padres to essentially even out the financial commitment the team took on with the Stanton trade. Cashman then went out and acquired an extremely useful and versatile Brandon Drury from the Arizona Diamondbacks for a pair of prospects that would never reach the Major Leagues as it stands today with the Yankees, I call that highway robbery.

It wasn’t just his trades that were seemingly unreal at times, but his ability to bring back a veteran like CC Sabathia on a team-friendly deal will never get enough publication or praise in my opinion. The 1990’s Yankees Dynasty was great, but it wasn’t just the likes of Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera that made it special. It was also the acquisitions of Paul O’Neill, Tino Martinez, Scott Brosius and others with a little bit of magic from the farm system sprinkled in from time to time in players like Chad Curtis, Shane Spencer and Alfonso Soriano that really made what those teams did magical. Build a core from within, build up the middle and fill in the cracks via free agency and trade. That’s the blueprint, and Brian Cashman has done that to a “T” lately, this offseason especially. Cashman has just been masterful, and I don’t think he receives as much praise as he should, so here it is…the official Brian Cashman appreciation thread for the 2018 season.

Haters, leave your things at the door. You’re not welcome here. Enjoy the day.

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