Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Last Time the Red Sox Spanked the Yankees…

Let’s not mince words, let us not beat around the bush and let’s leave all the equivocation at the door. The New York Yankees got spanked by the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday to the tune of a 14-1 final score. While my beautiful girlfriend sat in bed with me working from home, she is a CPA so this is crunch time for her, I laid there beside her disgusted while I watched the game on my phone. I am not disgusted because I forgot the very real fact that every day is a new day in Major League Baseball, but I was because of the backlash that I was sure to read on Twitter. The Red Sox fans bragging, the Yankees fans running around trying to avoid the sky from falling on their heads, etc. I just avoided social media altogether, but today I am feeling a little more level-headed and today I remembered that one game is just that, one game. There’s theoretically 161 others throughout the course of an MLB season and this isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time, that either the Red Sox spanked the Yankees or vice versa. Life went on then, and life will again, but just in case you were doubting that as a Yankees fan base this week I wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone reading just what happened the last time the Red Sox spanked the Yankees. 

The date was five years ago on Saturday, June 1 of 2013. The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox were facing off head-to-head inside Yankee Stadium and the pitching matchup was Phil Hughes (Yankees) vs. Felix Doubront (Red Sox). The final score was 11-1 in favor of the Red Sox in a game that took a shade under three-and-a-half hours to complete. The Red Sox were in first place at the time while the Yankees were in second place trying to chip away at the early lead by Boston. While New York didn’t that night, and things probably looked at grim then as they did Wednesday morning when everyone woke up, looking at the rest of the season may give us all some hope. 

The Yankees finished the 2013 season with an 85-77 record, but an embarrassing 6-13 record with the Red Sox head-to-head. The Yankees spent just 17 days in first place that season and the team missed the postseason entirely. Now why would this give us Yankees fans hope? Well the starting lineup on that day for New York was Brett Gardner, Kevin Youkilis, Robinson Cano, Mark Teixeira, Vernon Wells, Jayson Nix, David Adams, Ichiro Suzuki and Chris freaking Stewart. That’s disgusting just reading that, and this 2018 team is much more talented, much deeper and flat out better than the team Brian Cashman and company put out there in 2013. Despite this lopsided loss at the hands of the Red Sox and despite a roster that rivaled some team’s Triple-A team in 2013 the Yankees won 85 games in 2013, so what do you think the 2018 version of the Yankees will do with a much deeper roster? 

The team will bounce back, they will win, and this game will just be a blip on the radar come October. The sky didn’t fall, and the world didn’t end back in 2013, and it won’t here in 2018 either. Calm down, exhale, and let’s get back to winning baseball games in this rivalry tonight inside Fenway Park.

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