Thursday, June 28, 2018

Hello… Poop In Your Pants?

Good morning Yankees family. What is a better way to start off a Thursday morning and a Yankees off day than to talk about some poop. No, I am serious. This is an interesting article and read that I heard about first while visiting Yahoo Sports and it involves Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Archie Bradley and the time that he pooped his pants before entering a MLB game.

He can tell the story better than I can so here is the story from Bradley to Yahoo Sports:

“I’ll just tell it. It was actually this year. I was warming up to go in a game. I knew I had the next hitter. I knew he was on deck. The at-bat was kinda taking a little bit, and as a bullpen guy in these big situations, I call ’em nervous pees. I don’t have to pee a lot, but I know I have to pee before I go in the game. I can’t believe I’m telling you this.

It’s a 2-2 count, and I’m like, ‘Man, I have to pee. I have to go pee.’ So, I run in our bathroom real quick, I’m ready to go. I’m trying to pee and I actually (expletive) my pants. Like, right before I’m about to go in the game, I pooped my pants. I’m like ‘Oh my gosh,’ like I know I’m a pitch away from going in the game, so I’m scrambling to clean myself up. I get it cleaned up the best I can, button my pants up, and our bullpen coach Mike Fetters says, ‘Hey, you’re in the game.’

“So, I’m jogging into the game to pitch with poop in my pants essentially… I did check the mirror. White pants, we’re at home. I actually told my teammates. I stepped out of the bathroom, ‘Hey, am I OK? I just (expletive) myself. I’m about to go in this game.’ They didn’t believe me until they, unfortunately, saw the mess in the bathroom because I didn’t have time. I had to go in the game.

“It was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been on the mound. And I actually had a good inning. I had a clean inning, and I walked in the dugout and I was like, ‘Guys, I just (expletive) myself.’ They didn’t believe me, and then the bullpen came in and they’re like ‘Oh my god, you have to see this.’ … I just felt awkward, uncomfortable and just gross.”

Baby, that is totally our kid in the future. I love you!!


  1. I kind of think that Aaron Boone pooped in his pants yesterday, starting Luis Cessa and Kyle Higashioka while sitting Aaron Judge and Greg Bird. It felt like a giveaway game from the start. I guess the Yankees wanted to give first place to the Red Sox before the start of the weekend series.

    1. Both huge head scratchers with the off day today.


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