Saturday, June 16, 2018

Hello… Yankees Considering Buying Back the YES Network

It just sounds weird to say that the New York Yankees are considering buying back the YANKEES Entertainment and Sports Network, more commonly known as the YES Network, but it is true. The Yankees are considering buying back the YES Network from 21st Century Fox Inc.

The Yankees sold off their control of the YES Network four years ago to Rupert Murdoch’s FOX company with a clause in the agreement that gave the Yankees the right to buy back the network in the event that FOX puts it up for sale. FOX owns 80% of the YES Network and saw Comcast Corp. make a $65 billion bid for FOX’s entertainment assets, including YES and other regional sports networks. This offer came after Walt Disney Co. bid $52.4 million for those same sports assets.

Some have speculated that it would cost the Yankees $4 billion to buy back the YES Network after selling 31% to FOX in 2014 for $3.8 billion, bumping FOX’s total control to 80% of the company with the Yankee Global Enterprises corporation owning the other 20%. If Comcast and Disney begin a bidding war with FOX we could easily see that number rise, so stay tuned.

And a special good morning to you, my love and my soulmate. I love you with all my heart and all my soul. I always have, and I always will Kari. I cannot wait to make you my Kari Ann Burch.

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  1. Did anyone besides me find it strange that a liberal company like Disney wants to buy Fox
    That would be like putting anti Yankees broadcasters on Yes
    That is my political statement for the year.
    Back to more important baseball matters, I get that the kid did good last night but remember all the raves about German on his first start 6 no hit innings, how do you think this makes Sheffield feel being passed over for a guy who until this year not above A ball , Yankees used to destroy the morale of their prospects to a point to where they went from being all strs at minor league to forgetting how to play.
    Do we really want to do this to Shseffield .
    Does Chapman have the same attachment to Walker to Drew , refusing to admidt he made a mistake.
    Cashman needs to try and trade Walker and A.J.Cole and Shreve because if Shreve can actually go an appeance without giving up a run it would be a miracle.This guy is not DRob or Dellin who seem to fix themselves this guy consistently gets worse each year.


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