Monday, July 16, 2018

Gearing Up for the Final Hot Stove Push

The 2018 trading deadline for Major League Baseball is just around the corner and the hot stove season is in full swing. Will the New York Yankees land a top starter like Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard? Or will the team have to settle for a second-tier pitcher like Cole Hamels or Nathan Eovaldi? Will the team call up Justus Sheffield on August 1st like they did with Luis Severino back in 2015? Or will the team even still have Sheffield on their roster in order to trade him by then? There are many sites out there that are covering the trade deadline and everything around Major League Baseball but if you're looking specifically for how the odds change before and after the trade deadline for the Yankees, there are sites that offer resources like that and some of these sites have apps, which is pretty convenient when you're on the go.

MLB Trade Rumors is the best in the business for all your hot stove rumors, whisperings, trade proposals, etc. and they even have a forum and an active comments section to discuss every potential move and rumor. Twitter is also a great tool to use as many of the reporters that break the news when a deal has been made are on there tweeting all day long, just look for the blue check and while you’re there give us, @GreedyStripes, a follow.

If I were a betting man I would say that the Yankees get a starter not named deGrom, Syndergaard, Chris Archer or Madison Bumgarner and instead either go with what they have already on the team and in the minor league system, or the team acquires a pitcher like Nathan Eovaldi that is a true rental.

The July 31st trade deadline is looming, stay tuned to see who the Yankees pick up en route to their 28th World Series championship.


  1. What we need is everybody healthy and teach the hitters to go with the pitch .We are one of the worst teams at moving runners , we don't tag and move up like we should we wait for the the big bomb and scrapping a run here and there would probably be the difference between 1st and WC .
    Pitching needs help, maybe hiring Pedro to work with Sonny like he did Sevy.We all know it wasn't Rothschild that fixed Sevy it was Pedro.
    What is wrong with trying Sheffield and Adams in the rotation.While German has looked good at times but has walked to many people.
    We can win it all with what we have if all do their job.No need to panic , Red Sox only moved ahead after Samchez and Torres went down.We were 7 1/2 back at one time and made up 10 games.We can do it again.

    1. Adams has been total shit all season. And for the comparison of shef and sevs 2015, thru 11 starts sev had like 65 IP and a 1.25 ish era. He was destroying. Simply destroying his opponents. There was no way he could improve. Sheff is a year older than sevs was, has double the era in 6 fewer IP across 11 starts (he one "relief appearance" was 6IP out of BP bc a reliever came off DL to start for 1 IP if anyone questions my stats )

      That being said, I agree Sheff Will get starts. Maybe we can land both eovaldi and 1 of Hammels or happ. Let them pitch for those 2 rotation spots, rather than letting every deadbeat with a pull get the start.

      Hopefully that. Maybe sanchez wakes up and pulls his head out of his ass, and I posted recently that bird MIGHT be turning a corner, Stanton heading up,, and El Rey Torres s/p first ASG. Maybe we can crush the second half!!


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