Monday, July 30, 2018

This Just In!!! Must Read News!!! 

I was going to wait until after the trade deadline to grade the Yankees trade deadline moves. However with the news I just received I couldn’t wait! The Yankees must act now otherwise all their moves in my mind me nada!!! From a inside source I have gotten word that the Nats have made Bryce Harper Available!!!!! I can care less he is a Rental! 

I can care less who we have or don’t have atm! It’s time to pay up !!!!!!!! Forget the tax blow that right out of the water!!!! Hit the Grand slam! Go get one of the best players in the game now! Don’t wait to sign him in the off season!!! I REPEAT!! Go get him now!!!! Before another team does and it haunts us Later in this season. Bryce wants to be a Yankee! We should want him! He is Available !!!!!! Don’t wait Cash go get our man!!!!! Greed Greed Greed!!!!!! 

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Have a great night folks!!! 

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