Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Greg Bird A Deeper Look

              Lately there has been a lot of talk about the Yankees needing to upgrade 1st Base, I’m not sold yet. While Greg Bird has had a ton of injuries, and has missed a lot of time he is not as bad as most think. Yes he needs to put it together over a course of 1 season, but looking at his numbers they tell the tale of why the Yankees are so high on him.  In 165 games played Mr. Bird has hit a lowly average of .218 which I’ll admit is on the low side. However the rest of his numbers are ones I’d take on a yearly basis. 37 HRs, 29 doubles, 1 Triple, 66 Walks, 94 RBIs, and 68 Runs Scored. Those numbers would be in line with some of the best 1st baseman in the game today. The AVG and the OBP needs a little work but I’d take the 94 RBIs with 37 bombs every year. Where do I sign?              Some Yankees Fans may disagree with me, some will agree. Greg Bird is not as bad as it looks on the surface give this guy a little more time and I’m sure he will prove himself to be a solid Yankee for a long time. The talent and the tools are there. Defensively he is a very good 1st baseman, offensively just needs to put it all together over the course of a full season. Don’t forget he has also been clutch in some big games. Yes he popped out on the 1st pitch the other night late in a game with the bases loaded, but he did hit some big shots for us in the playoffs last year. Bird gives his all every game, and he is just as frustrated as most fans are but please be patient I’m sure he will get this figured out. The numbers are actually there to back it up. Mr. Bird just needs to be put together over a course of 1 season not 3.   

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