Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hello… Hypocrites and Bandwagon Fans

Good morning Yankees family and welcome to the blog. Never, and I mean never, join a Facebook group for the New York Yankees. It is pure poison, it will make your blood pressure rise and it will make you lose faith in not only all of humanity, but all Yankees fans alike. The hypocrisy and plain out ignorance is alarming, and it gets worse every day.

“Sonny Gray sucks! He can only pitch well against Triple-A teams like the Orioles!”

“Luke Voit is amazing, and Greg Bird should never see the lineup ever again. Look at what he has done against the Orioles!!”

So, let me get this straight… it is okay to beat up on the Orioles and their “Triple-A” pitching, but it is not okay to beat up on their “Triple-A” offense that includes Adam Jones, Chris Davis and others. Got it, thanks for clearing that up.

Hey you, I loves you. Every day with you is truly special, and I am incredibly lucky to still call you mine. I cannot wait until you are legally my Kari Ann Burch.

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Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)