Saturday, August 25, 2018

Hello… Let’s Play Two

Good morning Yankees family and welcome back to the blog. Happy Saturday, and a huge welcome to the weekend for you all. What better way is there than to spend a Saturday than playing baseball? Spending your Saturday playing two games, much like the Yankees will do today in their day/night doubleheader with the Baltimore Orioles. On paper that’s a good thing for the struggling Yankees, but recently the team has struggled against Baltimore and their Triple-A lineup for whatever reason. Oh well, no stress can be had on a Saturday, so I won’t lose sleep about it.

Win both games and let’s at least make this damn thing interesting heading down the stretch. We don’t have to win it, we just have to let Boston know that they were in a pennant race and become the hottest team heading into October. It can be done with this roster, so do it. Simple.

Hey you. I love you, good morning.

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