Monday, August 13, 2018

Rain Gods Stopping Mets Plans? 

   The Mets decided to switch today’s starter from Jason Vargas to Jacob DeGrom, which would have led to Ace vs Ace which would have been the matchup had the original game not been rained out. The rain gods however seem to be intent on having the game rained out once more.  Haha talk about the Mets luck!  Anyways if the game is played DeGrom will meet Severino in a classic battle of aces tonight at the stadium.  The Yankees are 6-1 in there last 7 games.  Stanton hit his team leading 30th Homer of the season yesterday, and the Yanks have put the horrible Red Sox series behind them.  I for one hope the game is rained out, no not to avoid DeGrom but it gives the Yanks a shot of having Judge and maybe even Sanchez back for one more game. 😎  I’ll be back later on today it’s off to work I go.  

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