Sunday, August 12, 2018

Enough is Enough!!! 

It’s time to give Sonny Gray the ✖️. Sonny Gray once again was a Major disappointment. 1IP 5 hits 2 ER. 0Ks. It’s time the Yankees bite the bullet and shut down Gary for the rest of the year.  It’s what’s best for the team. Sonny is living up to his late name Gray, more then his first name Sonny. Whether any one will admit it within in the Yankees but Mr Gray is not what we signed on for.  Luckily his bad outing didn’t kill us today. The Yankees still managed to pull out the W, with a 7-2 showing vs the Rangers. The Bronx Bombers were powered by Stanton’s 30th jack of the season, and Didi’s 21st long ball.
Sorry for the short post was actually typing this up 6 hours ago and had issues with apple.  While it was corrected took Apple four hours to figure it out, thus I’m kinda shot.  Don’t worry I’ll be back tomorrow ready to go.  Have a great night!
Let’s G⚾️ Yankees!!
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