Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The off-season is here 

Greetings Yankee Fans. After some time of letting this season’s playoff loss to the hated Red Sox sink in, I’m back. 

This offseason should be very fun. Mission get under the luxury tax has been completed, and it’s time the Yanks go on one of their 4 to 5 year sprees. What a year to do it!!!! With many top tier free agents available, and plenty of trades out there it’s time the Bombers front office and Brian Cashman go to work. The Yanks need to get a a few things done this offseason, most importantly is closing the gap between themselves and the AL’s top 2 teams, the Sox’s and the Astros. In order to do that the Yankees need to upgrade at few everyday positions, while at the same time maintaining their dominant Bullpen, and upgrading the Starting Pitching. Let’s assume Justus Sheffield is not ready for a major league roll till mid season. The Yanks will return Luis Severino, Masahiro Tanaka, and that’s all that is guaranteed. Leaving the Yankees 3 starters short. While the Bombers boast a load of young talented arms in the minor leagues, they are unproven. Which leads me to Patrick Corbin, a player they should be signing Corbin had an great season posting 3.15 era with 246 strike outs. Corbin could easily become a prime #2 starter for the Yanks. Re-Sign JA Happ (Sorry C.C.) Happ was phenomenal for the Yankees after being brought in via Trade. That leaves 1 spot and a bunch of question marks to fill it. First thing I would do is look for an Ace, Easing the pressure on Severino, and for that matter Corbin as well. Teams to call? Start with the Giants & go from there, maybe the Mets? May cost a little more but it’ll take either of the 2.  If you can’t get an Ace look for a solid # 4/5 type starter and look for Sheffield to step in sometime mid season. So that will leave the Yanks with either Ace, Severino, Corbin,Tanaka, Happ, or Severino, Corbin,Tanaka, Happ, and a 5th Starter with Sheffield waiting in the wings.  

The bullpen should be pretty straight forward. 

Closer: Aroldis Chapman should remain the teams closer. With Dellin Betances the main setup guy. Resigning both Zach Britton and and David Robertson should be done. Britton may cost the Yanks a little bit more then you would like, but he says he likes being a Yankee so maybe a middle ground can be found. I for one like the 7 man pen a pose to 8 man, that leaves 3 open spots. One of which goes to Chad Green, and in my opinion Jonathan Holder earned a spot as well. The last bullpen option id look into is bringing back Andrew Miller, adding another prime lefty to an already awesome pen. Now moving on it’s time to look at the Starting 9 Position by position. Now before we all start debating between Harper and Machado. 

Remember as the great Daniel Birch wrote.....

“The thing is though, and the thing that a LOT of Yankees fans are missing, is that the Yankees could sign BOTH Machado and Harper, and STILL have money and prospects left over to address the pitching.” So there will be no debate as to which one we should sign during this post. Nor am I going to discuss numbers that’s been done enough.   

Catcher: Gary Sanchez Yes Sanchez had a bad year, no we shouldn’t trade him. One bad year doesn’t make me lose faith in a player with his power and skill set. 

1st Base: Paul Goldschmidt?, Luke Voit, Greg Bird.If the Dbacks are trading him I am all ears. I am not sure how much the Yanks will want to spend here. I am big on free agents in other areas so this comes down to the money.  

However I am trying to compete with the Red Sox this I am making the move. Paul is only signed for 2019 and will be free after that so it’s only for a year anyway. If not Luke Voit earned a chance to show what he can do, and I am still not ready to give up totally on Greg Bird yet. Plus depending on other moves maybe a Voit and Bird combo makes sense.  

We can touch on this later as well.  

2nd Base: Gleyber TorresKeep Torres at 2nd, almost wins rookie of year award if not for a injury, and His teammate. Very amazing player with a huge upside if it’s not broke don’t fix it.  

3rd Base: Miguel AndujarHmmm with Sir Didi being injured this is easy as pie. No position move as of now the Double Machine stays right at the hot corner. Well at least until Didi is back. If the Yanks don’t bring in Goldschmidt via trade Andjuar can possibly cover at 1st base.  

Short Stop: Manny MachadoI wanted Machado before Didi went down. Now Manny is looked at for SS not 3rd. When Sir Didi is back and healthy Andjuar will have to be moved around a lil maybe a lil time in LF ,1b, and even some games still at 3rd. But we need to close the gap between us and the Sox Manny does that. Plus Manny wants to be Yankee, idc if he is not Johnny Hustle that is ok, he is a super talent. 

Left Field: Bryce Harper Super talent ...check 

Harper at Yankee stadium = 50 Hrs? 

Judge ...Harper...Stanton wow what dangerous lineup this can be. That doesn’t even mention anyone else in the lineup.  

Center Field: Aaron HicksHicks finally had the season the Yanks hoped for when they traded for him a few years back.  

He quieted my qualms about trading him. He has earned his spot.   

Right Field: Duh!! Aaron Judge, need I Say any more.  

DH: Giancarlo StantonNo need to freak out I’ll take 38HRs and 100 RBIs but those numbers will be better in 2019. I promise you that.  

The bench keep it simple here don’t need to go crazy or anything like that. The players are 

Already here.  

4th OF: Clint Frazier 

Young, cheap, and a ton of talent. As long as healthily can make a big difference. Dare I Say best 4th Of in baseball? (Guess Not with the Gardner now signed)

Back Up Catcher: Austin Romine 

Proved he can fill in long term if Sanchez is hurt. The pitchers Love him.  

Utl Man: Ronald Torreyes 

Who doesn’t love Toe!? 

25Th man: Greg Bird.  

Assuming Luke Voit is the stater 

And the Yanks don’t get Big Paul from the DBacks, Bird deserves one more shot. I may even consider Bird over Voit if we have Paul G., But that is more for Lefty with power off the bench. 

Well Fans there you have it, my way to early 2019 Yankees. Disclaimer: These opinions will change lol as the off season goes on. They always do! Lol. Have a Great Day my fellow Yankees Fans and Remember.....

G⚾️ Yankees!! I can be reached at JamesCPalma@Yahoo.Com And always look forward to chatting with you.  


  1. Nice work....james c palma.
    Appreciate the time you put in. The quality of your work is
    weaved throughout your words.

    Time is escaping me tonight, forgive me. Let me move on.

    As with the start of the 2018 campaign, pitching was the issue.
    You are on point, re: pitching....Go at it with a sense of urgency!
    Get the pitching nailed down, and find a way to add Harper...The rest
    will fix itself. Harper changes everything in that line-up.

    1. Thank you very much I appreciate at the kind words.
      Hopefully the Yanks add some quality pitching and the rest works itself out.


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