Tuesday, November 27, 2018

BREAKING: Patrick Corbin May Have Signed w/ Phillies

Nothing is confirmed but this is an actual photo of Patrick Corbin in a Phillies hat and uniform on the big screen at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. Has the left-hander signed with the Phillies? Stay tuned.


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    1. Apparently having their picture in their uniform on visits is a normal thing. I have never heard of it happening, but I was told on Twitter numerous times that it was normal. The more you know, I guess.

  2. I think if I was in the Yankees front office, I'd do everything possible for Corbin to "visualize" himself as a Yankee. Good marketing strategy by the Phillies.

  3. He's increasing his Yankees salary
    .. and why shouldn't he?

  4. He's increasing his Yankees salary... and why shouldn't he??

  5. Future Yankee... Patrick Corbin is indeed in Philadelphia, for dinner,
    drinks, and some arm twisting.
    Not alarmed. Some team had to charm him first, why not the Phillies.

    Word on the street says Catfish Hunter will be the card the Yankees play.
    A just recently exhumed Catfish, will join Corbin, and Cashman, over at
    Gallagher's Steak house for diner and beers.
    Corbin will be signed before the check comes.

    1. Here's to hoping. I keep hearing rumors that the Yankees are willing to go 5 years and around $100 million, but he wants six. I guess we wait it out.

  6. I'd invite James Paxton and Andy Pettitte for Thursday's meeting in the Bronx with Corbin. The recently exhumed Catfish might not be appealing for some at the table. ;)


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