Thursday, January 17, 2019

Yankees Sign RHP Adam Ottavino

Three-years and $27 million later and the New York Yankees bullpen is complete as the team inked a deal with RHP Adam Ottavino, formerly of the Colorado Rockies. The Yankees payroll now sits at an estimated $232 million, for those keeping score at home.

And another beard bites the dust...


  1. Killer bullpen, the best in MLB hands down. But, how about adding to the rotation. Get Kluber and we go on another 3 year WS run! So much for the luxury tax ceiling! I hear Padres need a 3b. If when the smoke settles, Yanks gave up Gray and Andujar to land Kluber what would think? Hate to see Andujar go and I completely believe his defense can improve (See Wade Boggs) but an ace would be the finishing touch on a very nice offseason.

    1. How about we just hit off of Nathan eovaldi instead of looking like morons as he shuts us out.

  2. I hated the Yankees didn't re-sign David Robertson (one of my favorites) but I have to admit that Ottavino makes up for it. Very happy with both Zach Britton and Ottavino as the bullpen "replacements".


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