Monday, February 4, 2019

Am I Stumped!? 

Hmm I missing something? 

John Bleh of the bronxpinstripes writes 

“But overshadowed by the stacked bullpens of last season and this upcoming one is a reliever that is just as important to the Yankees success: Chad Green. Green was ranked 18th in WAR among all relievers according to Fangraphs, and he’s the Yankees’ fifth best reliever. Wow.”  

This just a clip from an article written by Mr. Bleh entitled Chad Green the forgotten reliever.  

Did any of you Yankee fans out there forget about Chad Green? 

I know I didn’t! As a matter of fact all the radio shows, and things I listen make a mention to Green, a lot. It’s seems John lives under a rock. Maybe John is just out of touch Anyways Rant Over. 

Here’s still hoping for Manny or Bryce LOL I Know. Sue me I’m Greedy.  

Let’s G⚾️ Yankees!! 


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