Monday, October 28, 2019

A Tribute to Mike Ford

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Before the postseason started, I tried to come up with a predicted roster for the Yankees. Then the Yankees announced the rosters and they were missing the guy I had in the 5th or 6th spot of my projected lineups. I also think that we could've potential went a little further with this guy in the lineup. Mike Ford was the hottest Yankee in September and was a solid bat in the lineup most of the year. But most importantly, he is a left bat that barely strikes out. He makes contact with the ball and good contact at that. Now I'm not going to go into the saber metrics and the hit probability and stuff like that because you don't even need to look at that to see why he should've been in the middle of the lineup this postseason. The problem with the Yankees' hitters is that they are all similar. They are all big right handed power hitters. The problem with this is lack of contact and a lot of striking out in the postseason. When you send out a almost all righty batting order against Cole, Verlander, and Greinke who are 3 of the best righties in the game, your team is not going to be successful. Mike Ford had 17 walks and only 28 strikeouts this season. He finished the season strong with over 1.000 OPS in the month of September and he got hotter as the month continued. Edwin Encarnacion hit horribly in all but the first two postseason games. He gave the Yankees absolutely nothing after coming back from an oblique injury. Now I'm not blaming him for this because obliques affect every movement and he was not the EE we all know from the past. Luke Voit did not play in the ALDS and was kept off the ALCS roster. Mike Ford could've taken his roster spot in the ALDS and maybe even played against a tough righty instead of EE. He would've been good in the middle of the lineup to split the righties up and provide the Yankees with a hitter who can make contact in a clutch situation.

 Going into spring training if the Yankees leave the infield as is without resigning Didi and without trading for Lindor. The infield will probably be Urshela, Torres, LeMaiheu and then a battle in spring training for first base between Voit and Ford. I am not against this but I would definitely prefer the perennial MVP candidate being Francisco Lindor. Luke Voit is similar to the rest of the Yankees sluggers as he is a righty power hitter who strikes out a lot. So at this very moment, in October, even though I am a huge fan of Louis Linwood Voit IV, I do think Mike Ford is a better player for the current state of the Yankees. Voit along with Andujar, Frazier, Happ and some other depth players could be dealt for a reliever to place Chapman who I don't think the Yankees should retain for monetary purposes, that should be reinvested elsewhere. Or they can deal for a starter. If the Yankees trade for or sign a starter he must be an ace. The Yankees have enough middle to high tier starting pitchers. What the Yankees really need is an Ace or two who can give them long high quality innings in the postseason, not only 3 and let the rest up to the tired bullpen whom the other team already saw 5 times through already the series. My whole point of writing this article is to vouch for Mike Ford and wonder what would've happened in the playoffs if Mike Ford was on the roster.


The Yankees need David Cone


  1. I couldn't agree more with everything in this article. I thought coming into the postseason that both Mike Ford and Tyler wage be on the playoff roster. That would have meant not carrying a combination of Edwin Encarnacion and or or a pitcher.

    Not having Ford's power and speed speed definitely hurt the Yankees in the championship series. Two left-handed bats would have been a nice asset against all that power right-handed pitching the Astros through at the Yankees.

    As for next year I would rather see a platoon of Voit & Ford and would prefer the Yankees not to bring back Didi.

    Trading for Lindor doesn't make a ton of sense. The Yankees have a budding superstar shortstop in Gleyber Torres & he has played his way right into the job.

    Not to mention the best fielding second baseman in baseball is without a position presently if the Yankees retain Didi or trade for Lindor. This is not rocket science and it should be obvious to the Yankees brass.

    If you want to trade someone who's a starter I would love to see a creative deal worked out with the Cubs, Giancarlo Stanton for Kyle Schwarber.

    schwarber's left-handed bat with play very well Yankee stadium and he could be a full-time DH for The Bronx Bombers. Stanton is a better overall player but I think the experiment with him and judge on the same team needs to come to a conclusion. What the Yankees need is a serious power threat from the left side and they need to get out from under that giant contract.

    moving Stanton would definitely require the Yankees to eat some salary but the Yankees do have a few pieces the Cubs would most certainly be interested in. Namely Tyler Wade who I hope does not get traded and also potentially Thairo Estrada, Chance Adams or maybe Jordan Montgomery or Johnathan Loasiga.

    I'm not sure what the Cubs have to offer the Yankees besides Schwarber but it would seem like the potential match is there at least in terms of the Yankees filling some need that the Cubs definitely have.

    They have to replace Ben Zobrist so they need that utility type player and if you were young and controllable all the better.

    They also need some bullpen depth & Yankees still seem to have a surplus of it riding that Scranton shuttle.

    A blockbuster trade like this helps ease 40 man roster concerns also I would be shocked if Cashman and company are not eying a deal like this as a precursor to signing not one but two aces.

  2. Also a lot of sites are assuming that Domingo German will not be in pinstripes going forward and I think if the Yankees voluntarily get rid of him that would be a big mistake. He may face some type of suspension but he should strongly be encouraged to get counseling and to come back a better man. He has too much talent to just hang him out to dry.

    Definitely not condoning what he did but if the Yankees had room in their bullpen for Chapman then they can certainly work with German and get him the help he needs.

    I think you will make a very good picture for the Yankees over the long haul if he can get his act together.

    Severino, German, Paxton, Matsui & Happ. I'm good with that rotation. If Happ needs to be moved to the bullpen as a swing man, That's fine also.

    I'm not sure Montgomery really has the stuff to really be an everyday major league pitcher.

    One player the Yankees might realistically target is Hyun Jin Ryu. The guys got pinpoint control he's very stingy in terms of allowing runs, not to mention he's a lefty which would play terrific in Yankee stadium. I'd rather see the Yankees sign in the Garrett Cole to be honest with you.

    For now a guy like Ryu slots into the role that German occupied last season. Assuming he gets suspended for a big chunk of the year the Yankees will need an innings eater & Ryu would be a very nice pickup.

    Hopefully the Yankees will resign Dellin Betances, buy out Edwin Encarnacion, let Didi walk and look to continue the youth movement by giving Mike Ford, Luke Voit, Tyler Wade & others a shot at making significant contributions for 2020.

    Also the roster's expanded by one man don't forget so carrying Voit and Ford is a no-brainer.

    We could really study what Tyler Wade could be capable of if he were the utility guy on the team. He can play center left right short and second plus pinch run all season long, that's pretty valuable if you ask me. There's a good chance he also hits .280 or better if given a chance to bat regularly.

    Another guy we need to see more of is Mike Tauchman. Based on his defense he makes Clint Frazier completely Dare I say -expendable.

    I'm not thrilled with the center field situation for next season maybe the Yankees can trade for a young stud centerfielder given that Florial is starting to look like a bust.

    Where have you gone George Mateo & Jake Cave,?

  3. Mike Ford should had been on the Roster and Maybin should had been in LF after Stanton got hurt .
    Frazier shpild had been on the roster instead of Hicks , if Tauchman was healthy he should had been on the roster instead of Hicks.
    CC also should not had been on the roster , he was hurt and I think he knew it.
    Happ should had started game 6 instead of Green. They had seen him to many times.
    Rothschild is gone which is great news , now some trainers need to go.


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