Sunday, November 3, 2019

Offense Trade Targets

As the offseason begins, there is a feeling of opportunity for the Yankees to improve. We will all be refreshing twitter to see the next big deal unfold. Of course the most important thing to focus on for the Yankees is starting pitching. The Yankees should of course try to sign Cole, Strasburg or trade for a big name ace. That is a topic of discussion for a whole other day. On the offensive side the Yankees should look to acquire at least one of Lindor, Marte, or Bell, and ideally two of the three. All three of these guys are switch hitters which I absolutely love and they make a lot of contact. They also have good power potential but what player didn't in 2019 with the juiced ball. Here are some reasons why to acquire each of the three players stated above.

Francisco Lindor
I don't have to say too terribly much about Francisco Lindor. Signing him would obviously mean an end to Didi Gregorius's time in New York. Lindor is a switch hitting short stop with a lot of pop. He is a perennial MVP candidate and he just won another golden glove. He makes contact with the ball and would be very good for breaking up the big righties in the middle of the Yankees' lineup. 2020 will be his age 26 season as he approaches free agency. He will cost a lot to extend but he is a great player to build around for the future. His personality and smile would flourish in New York and he would be a absolute fan favorite.
Mock Trade:
Yankees Get:
Indians Get:

Ketel Marte
Marte had a breakout year for the Diamondbacks in 2019. He broke out with 32 homeruns, .329 batting average and .981 OPS. He is very versatile playing CF for the Dbacks right now while he played short stop previously. He could fill in for Aaron Hicks in centerfield while he is out and either shift to the infield or to left field when Hicks returns. He would be a good player to bat in the first three in the Yankees lineup to break up the righties. He had only 86 strikeouts last year while taking 53 walks. He puts the ball in play which is super important in the postseason.
Mock Trade:
Yankees Get:
Ketel Marte
Dbacks Get:

Josh Bell
Since Mark Teixeria retired the Yankees have not had a mainstay at first base. There has been a lot of injuries (Greg Bird) and no one has really taken the job and ran with it. To solve this problem the Yankees could get their big lefty bat in the middle of the lineup while getting their first basemen for the long haul. Josh Bell bring huge power and contact to the table and also another switch hitter. Another breakout player in 2019, he became an all star for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He had 37 homeruns, walked 74 times, and struck out 118 times. He would finally bring stability and a big left bat to the middle of the Yankees lineup.
Mock Trade:
Yankees Get:
Josh Bell
Pirates Get:
Luke Voit
Luis Gil
Luis Medina

Potential Lineup
1. Lemaiheu 2B
2. Marte CF
3. Judge RF
4. Bell 1B
5. Stanton LF
6. Mike Ford DH
7. Torres SS
8. Sanchez C
9. Urshela 3B

This is a couple of moves the Yankees could potential look into and a few players I would love to see in pinstripes and who would really help. They are similar to Le Machine as they put the ball in play as well as having some home run potential. I'm not a GM so I don't know exactly how the players would work out, If you have any trade ideas, predictions, or trade targets, let us know in the comment section.


  1. Regarding Francisco Lindor: I think it might even take more to get him. I would be 100% favor of it if the Yankees didn't already have a budding superstar shortstop sitting right on the roster. Glabert Torres has played his way into this opportunity and I think the Yankees would do well to remember that the secret to their success is their depth. I'm in favor of extending a qualifying offer too Didi & potentially having him opt for free agency if that's what he wants to do. The reason I am in favor of this as I think the Yankees are better with Torres at SS & LeMahieu at 2b. Tyler Wade & Thairo Estrada come into play in this model & the Yankees should take full advantage of the fact that they have two versatile invaluable pieces like Wade and Estrada. Time to let them shine. This allows the Yankees to continue the youth movement by getting a draft pick from the team that winds up signing Didi, well also allowing the Yankees to flexibility to channel payroll towards the pursuit of signing not one but two starters this year.

    Of course we all want Garrett Cole and that's another matter entirely but I think signing Ryu offsets the pending suspension in potential loss of Herman.

    If the Yankees were to actually get Lindor I think they would have to give up Estrada, Florial, Garcia Andujar and Loasiga. Keep in mind Cleveland is getting offers from the Didgers also. You're not going to steal Lindor, you'll have to pay and it will hurt.

    I've been dreaming about a blockbuster between Cleveland and the Yankees. Imagine if the Yankees worked out a deal where they ate some payroll and included Giancarlo Stanton in a package for Lindor and Kluber. However Cleveland is too difficult to work with and I honestly don't see the Yankees pulling off a blockbuster with them.

    I also think the Dodgers, if any team, will get Lindor in the end.

    Would the Dodgers then do some kind of blockbuster with the Yankees with Giancarlo Stanton as the centerpiece on the Yankees side and Corey Seager on the Dodger's side?

    As much as I like see Seager & his 25-year-old age fits right into the Yankees concept, I still don't like a trade for a shortstop mainly because the Yankees have Gleyber Torres and a gold glove second basement in DJ LeMahieu. Emptying the cupboard for a star shortstop negates much of the Yankees depth and that's their strength so I don't like doing a trade for a shortstop.

    The Yankees do need to get an Ace and they will need payroll to do it so I think part of that comes from not resigning Didi and I think the Yankees need to move Giancarlo Stanton.

    One team that jumps out is the Cubs. Offloading Stanton is an opportunity to balance the lineup. Kyle Schwarber might be a piece of Yankees could insert as a DH and now you've got that power from the left side of the lineup. Obviously he's not an upgrade over Stanton but remember getting rid of Stanton helps you get an ace if you're the Yankees because you need to offload the payroll.

    Regarding the Yankees issue in Center Field with Aaron Hicks missing a big junk of the season.

    Bringing back Brett Gardner kind of is a no-brainer and I think the Yankees would be comfortable just popping him out there. Why trade away so many pieces when you could just sign Gardy who fills in admirably and then slides into a backup roll once Hicks is good to go.

    1. Never in a million years would the Indians trade for Stanton. That is craziest idea ever. Would probably take that much for lindor. I do agree the dodgers probably get lindor. The cubs would not trade for Stanton either. I do not want didi back.

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  3. And that brings us to Josh Bell. I'm a lifelong Pirates fan and I can tell you right now that he is the face of the franchise. You would have to triple your offer in order to get him lol.

    I think in order to get Josh Bell it would cost you a lot more than what you are offering & Even if you got him, he's a guy who really isn't that good defensively.

    The Yankees do have a big decision to make at Fist Base. Ultimately Miguel Andujar might be the first baseman of choice, providing he could learn the position.

    I don't think the Yankees can keep Luke Voit, Mike Ford, Miguel Andujar, Tyler Wade and Thairo Estrada on the roster.

    What to do with Miguel Andujar? He's got a pretty strong throwing arm so one would think he'd be naturally a better fit in Left Field. but he's played the hot corner and usually guys who have played some infield can make that transition over to First Base. It will be interesting to see what the Yankees do with him. He also fits in well as a part-time DH.

    1. I have no idea what the yankees will do with andujar. Doesn’t make sense to trade him when his value is so low. That makes sense that bell would cost a lot more and I knew his defense is poor. He could probably be a really good DH.

    2. Yes Bell would be an excellent DH and he balances the lineup out but the cost for him is just too high. The Yankees kind of just handled the DH by committee, which is an approach that gives you infinitely more roster flexibility. The days of Edgar Martinez are pretty much over. Most American league teams are carrying a more versatile piece and just rotating the DH.


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