Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The World Series is Back On in New York!

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As I am sure most everyone has heard, baseball is back for the 2020 season. Despite the concerns surrounding the country right now, including COVID-19, Major League Baseball and the Players Union have agreed to a 60-game season here in 2020. The 2020 season will be unlike any other that any of have seen during our lifetime, and not just because the number of games being played is significantly less than the usual 162-game marathon. The universal DH will be making its way to the league, giving the National League their first real taste of the designated hitter. Also, there will be a schedule change that will include 40 games within your own division and 20 games against teams in the NL that share your divisional alignment (The AL East plays the NL East, the AL Central plays the NL Central, the AL West plays the NL West). The Yankees will play 10 games each against the Baltimore Orioles, the Boston Red Sox, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Tampa Bay Rays while they will also play 4 games each against the Atlanta Braves, the New York Mets, the Miami Marlins, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the defending World Series Champion Washington Nationals.

There will be no expanded playoffs, and whether anyone likes it or not... the World Series WILL count for 2020. It's in the record books, deal with it. No asterisk. Wouldn't be an asterisk if the Red Sox, Astros, or Mets won it, so there won't be one when the Yankees win it. Deal with it and save your tears.

I am so excited to be back, ladies and gents. The game needed this, in some opinions the country needed this, and I really, REALLY needed this.

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