Sunday, October 4, 2020

Bat Flip Brotherhood, Brought to You by The Greedy Pinstripes

 Major League Baseball once said to let the kids play, but how can you let the kids play without at the same time allowing something that is considered to be a unwritten rule against baseball? Bat flipping and showing up the opposing team's pitcher in general is frowned upon, but that hasn't stopped many across the league from still making what they chose to do as a profession not only fun, but satisfying. Not every fan is a fan of the showmanship and of bat flips specifically, but for the fans who absolutely love them it sometimes feels like we are part of some secret society or something. Not a secret society, no, but a brotherhood. 

Enter the Bat Flip Brotherhood. 

In affiliation with The Greedy Pinstripes, I bring you my own personal designs for #BFB. These shirts (and more merchandise to come) are print to order and guaranteed to grab attention while you're wearing them. Will you join the brotherhood? 

Click HERE to access the Etsy store and to join the Brotherhood.

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