Monday, August 6, 2012

Alex Rodriguez Eyes Mid September Comeback

Alex Rodriguez is on the DL with a broken hand from a King Felix Hernandez fastball that is expected to keep him there 6 to 8 weeks. The Yankees seem optimistic that this number, even with ARod getting up there in age, will be closer to 6 weeks. That would be great because it would give Alex nearly 3 weeks of time to shake the rust off at the plate and in the field. Not to mention he should have fresh legs for the playoff and World Series run.

Alex has been swinging a bat one handed, throwing across the diamond, running, and doing everything else that he can to stay in shape and make the return as easy as possible. The problem is by the time he will be ready to return the minor league seasons will be over and will not have a place to rehab. That is ok, in my opinion, if we still have a nice lead in the division and can afford to let him come back slowly. A simulated game or two and Alex sounds like he could return.

Alex Rodriguez , even with this decline, is still better then what we have been throwing out there. His right handed bat in the middle of the lineup keeps us balanced and he still puts fear into opposing pitchers. Do not let the stats of Eric Chavez and Jayson Nix fool you, they are playing way above their heads right now, we need and are better with Alex Rodriguez.

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