Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Rants During Game 1

I wrote this before the bottom of the 9th inning...

Yeah, these aren't my thoughts after Game 1, but my rants during Game 1. This outta give you a good idea of what I thought anyway.

These come from my discussion with Burch on Facebook during the game, as well as some tweets.

"my next post at TGP may be about the fact I'm done watching this crap."

"I'm f***ing watching Ohio St vs. Indiana. That's how bad it is." - I'm an Ohio State fan, but I hadn't planned on watching any of their game against Indiana. It was more about this being the postseason, and me watching a football game involving Indiana. *shivers*

"I work tomorrow, and won't be home until around 6:30, so I'm going to miss most of tomorrow's game too. May be the most relaxing weekend I've had in a while."

"you have got to be effing kidding me" - that could have been in response to a number of things

"are u effing kidding me... again?" - that may have been Burch, but I'm still taking credit for that Tweet.

"did the Tigers find a magic lamp before the game?"

"this is gonna be one of those nights I break something..." - this was Burch, but I felt the exact same way as I almost threw my laptop at the wall. Seriously, I picked it up and was in mid-throw when I stopped myself.

"More good defense out of Detroit? Seriously?" - FYI, the Tigers were 2nd to last in MLB in UZR/150. Not that I think UZR is a good stat, but it's not so bad that you could call the Tiger defense anything close to good.

"come on, Swish! Get that f***ing ball!!!!" - There was no reason for Swish not to get to that pop-up in RF. He screwed up... one way or another.

"Great job by the 1B umpire that watched that ball the way he did!" - This was in reference to the ball Raul Ibanez hit, that flew over the 1B bag and was called fair. Yeah, I told the umps "good job", but not anybody on the Yankees but Andy Pettitte.

"This team needs to up and kill themselves. F*** them."

"It's right f***ing there!!! Shut up and swing, asshole." - That was for Russell Martin, who got upset at a strike call. Russ was wrong, the ump was right.

"Screw the 2012 Yankee hitters! I'm done." - And with that I didn't watch another pitch of the game.

I was really hoping that the bats would wake up in this series, as they were dead for the ALDS, and I was right. Sort of. You see, the Yankees put themselves in plenty of opportunities to score, unlike against the Orioles this past series. But they wasted those opportunities again and again and again.

Like I said earlier in a message to Burch, I'm going to miss most of the game tomorrow, as I have to work and won't be home until around 6:30. I really hope the Yankee bats wake the hell up and do something tomorrow, because if not the Tigers may very well win this series in Detroit. 

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