Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Prospects : Top 10 Yankees Outfield Prospects

Our friends over at Bronx Baseball Daily employee a good friend of mine, Greg Corcoran, who does some of the best stuff on prospects that I have ever seen. That should really resonate with people who know me because I have been following prospects like a religion since about 2005 and did the whole forum thing up until this past season. I actually tried to get Greg over on TGP in it's infancy before BBD offered him a position but I am getting off topic. He wrote up his Top 10 Yankees outfield prospects list, which is suddenly stacked with talent, so go over HERE and check it out. With his permission I am also posting it here for your reading enjoyment but I encourage you to head over to BBD and give them some views too, thanks and enjoy! For the full write up head over to BBD!!

BBDP: Yankees Top 10 Outfield Prospects

Outfield prospects have not been a strong suit for the Yankees organization since Brett Gardner and Melky Cabrera were coming up. Now there is a new batch of prospects knocking on the door and the organizational depth at the position is actually pretty extraordinary. Hopefully, somewhere in there lies a replacement for Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson. Hopefully that replacement arrives soon. There is an expectation both within the organization and with scouts that at least one or two of these outfielders will work out, and the Yankees will save a ton of money.

10. Adonis Garcia 

9. Ronnier “Musketeer” Mustelier 

8. “Honest Abe” Abraham Almonte

7. “It’s Gam-Time” Ben Gamel

6. Melky Mesa ”Melkman 2.0″

5. Zoilo “Zee” Almonte

4. “Ray-Flo” Ramon Flores

3. Slade Heathcott

2. “Stone Cold” Tyler Austin

1. “Mad Mase” Mason Williams

As you can see with this system outfield depth is one of the major strengths. The Yankees have an excellent blend of major league close talent, extremely high upside talent, and long term projects. It will be interesting to see how these guys pan out, but all of them show significant promise and could help the major league team in one way or another soon.

Honorable Mention: Taylor Dugas, Rob Segedin

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