Friday, December 28, 2012

Yankees Hire Don Wakamatsui

You may have heard that the Yankees added Don Wakamatsu to their pro scouting staff.

Wakamatsu has coached and managed at pretty much every level of the minor leagues, and has some experience in the majors as well... his latest stint as a bench coach in Toronto. I was looking for something in particular to stand out in his bio, and I came across this bit from Fred Claire, former baseball executive and writer for
It is the relationships that Wakamatsu has built during his time in baseball that defines him best. He was somewhat of an unknown to the public when he was hired as the Mariners' manager last November, but he is well-known and highly respected within the game.
Not sure how much this will translate into his job in the scouting department, but it's nice to know that the team has hired somebody that is well thought of in baseball circles.

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