Sunday, February 24, 2013

Curtis Granderson Fractured Forearm To Miss 10 Weeks

EDIT Pt.  2: Curtis Granderson has a fractured forearm after taking a pitch from JA Happ off the right forearm and will miss 10 weeks before being Major League ready to play. 43 more home runs off the board, at least temporarily, for the New York Yankees. Here we go again.

EDIT: Curtis Granderson has a bruised forearm and was sent for precautionary x rays. Long story short he did not get hit on the wrist and he seems like he will be fine. Take a collective sigh of relief breathe Yankees fans...

Curtis Granderson has been hit on the wrist in a Spring Training game by Blue Jays lefty JA Happ. He was immediately taken out of the game after the Yankees staff examined him at first base. Hopefully this is nothing but a precaution because we cannot afford any more injuries, especially this early in the spring. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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