Sunday, February 24, 2013

Granderson fractures forearm as Yanks fall to Blue Jays 2-0

I guess the odds weren't in Curtis Granderson's favor. In the second Spring Training game of the season, the Yankees were faced with a gigantic blow when Granderson was hit by a pitch in his first at-bat of the Spring. After watching enough baseball, I knew the outcome wasn't going to be pretty. Granderson's original diagnosis was a bruised forearm, but as a precaution they sent the outfielder to get some x-rays.

The final diagnosis was a fractured forearm, putting Granderson and the Yankees in a bind for the next ten weeks--and giving Brett Gardner the CF position by default. The Yankees had already lost 100 home runs and now the Yankees could lose 43 more this season. Granderson however, told YES Network during the telecast that he was planning on conditioning the lower half of his body while his forearm heals, just so he could be up to speed and return as quickly as possible. Granderson did say this to the media, showing optimism during what seemed to be a dark road ahead.

"It's just a little bump in the road. It's definitely not the end of everything."

Other In Game Notes:

-- Adam Warren pitched two scoreless innings, which easily erased his start with the Yankees back in 2012. Warren most likely won't get a spot on the roster as soon as Spring Training ends, but if a pitcher goes down, he could be one of the first they call to help.

-- Brett Gardner, Ichiro Suzuki, Robinson Cano, Mark Teixeira and Travis Hafner each had one hit in this game (Cano was robbed of two hits by his buddy Melky Cabrera).

-- Kevin Youkilis had no hits today, but in all three at-bats he hit the ball very hard, his first at-bat coming close to hitting a Grand Slam.

Side Note:

Earlier in the post I said that I knew enough about baseball to know Granderson was going to miss some time. Here's how I knew. Gardner: 2011. Alex Rodriguez: 2012. Both of them were hit by a pitch in the hand area. Gardner missed a few games and needed surgery after the season. Alex Rodriguez missed a lot of the 2012 season with a broken hand. Just know, when you get hit in the hand and you've seen as much baseball as possible--you know when it's serious.


  1. So what would everyone do to replace Granderson for the first 5-6 weeks of the season?

    Soriano wou;d require losing a good prospect and adding a minimum of $5M in salary to the 2014 budget. I don’t like the 2 year commitment for another 37-yr old player.

    I think the in-house options should be given first crack at it. Mustelier seems to be a pretty damn good hitter and if you throw in a LH hitting platoon partner like Zoilo (who crushes RHP), I think you are fine until Curtis comes back.

    This is where carrying a DH that can’t play a position really hurts. Had they brought back Ibanez instead of signing Hafner, they could play Ibanez in LF and use Nunez or anyone else as the everyday DH.

  2. fishjam, I agree with you, Musty and Zolio look like hitters, I like platooning them until Grandy gets back. Sometimes in baseball the sum is better than all of it's parts.

  3. Waiting for Twasp to ask for Damon to come back to fill in.

  4. Haha...Twasp will never forget the double-steal.....great play by Damon!

    As soon as Grandy went down I did due diligence by checking all of the FA LH hitting OFs.......Damon, Abreu, Podsednik, Sizemore......Yanks should pass. Damon and Abreu were absolutely terrible last yr and Sizemore just can't get healthy. I think the answer comes from within and if a guy like Dickerson gets cut late you think about it.


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