Sunday, February 24, 2013

Highlights Of Yankees Portrait Day

How do we not start with this picture? Is Joba planning on throwing fastballs at people's heads this season or is he planning on luring kids into a van with some candy? I never understood the mustache trend and stache's like this just cement that fact in my mind. Hopefully he gets bombed the first month of the season and decides to be superstitious and shave it. Terrible stache. 

You may always be a Red Sock Kevin Youkilis but we will always have this picture to use as black mail. I always said that Youkilis was never going to win over any Yankees fans with his words and could only do it on the field with his play and he is making me look REALLY good with that prediction right now. 

This just seemed kind of random to me... First of all when did we start doing group photo day shots? Secondly why did we pair up Francisco Cervelli and Eduardo Nunez of all people? Someone know something that I don't? 
*Insert Eduardo Nunez cannot play defense because Biogenesis Clinic made him too strong jokes here*

Manny Banuelos! He may miss the 2013 season after having Tommy John surgery but he is still an exciting Yankees prospect.

Dellin Betances! Maybe the return of Dealin' Dellin in 2013?

The newest Yankee Travis Hafner. What will Pronk be able to do in Yankees Stadium this year? I expect big things if healthy. 

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