Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Agent For Carlos Lee Reads TGP, Contacts Yankees

Okay so maybe the agent for Carlos Lee does not exactly read The Greedy Pinstripes even though I have been clamoring for him to be in pinstripes for months now but he did contact the Yankees today about their vacant first base position. Carlos Lee did block a trade last year with his no trade clause that would have brought him to the Yankees but now apparently he is willing to play for the Yankees, I guess not having a job in mid March will do that for a guy. Carlos Lee will be entering his age 36 season and while he sucks in the field, lets not mince words here or sugar coat it, and has basically lost all of his power he is still a decent option for a stop gap. Carlos is a right handed hitter that can play the outfield, first base, can be a designated hitter, will sign a one year deal for very little money, and can easily be designated for assignment when Mark Teixeira comes back. I do not see the Yankees making this happen because they would have before reaching out to Scott Rolen or Chipper Jones because I guess it makes too much sense.

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