Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Training 3/12/13 Lineup

Eduardo Nunez SS
Jayson Nix 3B
Travis Hafner DH
Juan Rivera 1B
Francisco Cervelli C
Melky Mesa CF
Thomas Neal LF
Zoilo Almonte RF
Corban Joseph 2B

RHP Ivan Nova

Start Time: 1:05 p.m.
T.V: None
Radio: Tampa Bay Radio (MLB.com)


  1. Where's my man TWASP?!? You have to read this article about your boy Yuri. The tell-all book will be coming soon.


  2. Cano is ripping in the WBC.....12 for 19 so far. Should be a great matchup on Thursday....USA vs DR

  3. Ha ha ....... it's the beginning of the end for Aroid. Yuri is going to spill the beans about Aroids post 2003 ped usage.

    Even the old Yankee won't be able to defend him anymore. Boliboliboboli.....bananafanafofoli

  4. Cano is unreal. The best pure talent since Mays. Yankee fans should be praying that we keep him.

  5. How about David Wright in the world baseball classic. He is on fire.

  6. The world baseball games have been great but they are an exibition. Cano almost got hurt when Punto took him out at second base the other day. The best pitchers aren't even playing for the US, which makes it less interesting, we always have the excuse that our best players aren't playing. I'm just praying for Cano to make it through this tournament.

  7. I agree......Cano is by far the teams best player. Yanks have painted themselves in a corner by not offering him an extension earlier. They will have to overpay to keep him in FA but they may have to do it.

  8. David Wright out of WBC with a back injury, this is why you don't play in this exhibition.

  9. Definitely a bummer for Wright and the Mets, although it doesn't sound serious. Sucks to lose a player in an exhibition game but the argument is these players would be playing exhibition games in ST anyway. They have to get their work in to get ready for the season and you just pray you get through Spring with everyone healthy. That hasn't worked for the Yankees. Granderson got hurt in a meaningless February game and Tex got hurt in Batting Practice. Players can get hurt doing anything but they have to get their work in.

  10. fishjam, I agree with everything you said, I just don't think there is the same intensity in a spring training game. Players are worked in gradually.

  11. True, that's why they started ST early this yr to give those players extra time. The WBC doesn't do much for me but I've found myself watching a few games and became a bit interested. the Dominicans act like a bunch of dumb-asses but it's a tad refreshing to see the enthusiasm they have. There's no doubt they are playing to win. Cano is even showing emotion and Tony Pena too. I'm used to seeing them both so stoic as Yankees. They rallied on Kimbrel to beat the USA today and they acted like they won the World Series.


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