Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Looking Around The AL East - Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox missed the playoffs once again in 2012 after finishing the season with a 69-93 record and being in last place in the division. After a terrible 2012 season that saw manager Bobby Valentine lose his job and many long time Red Sox, most notably Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett, Kevin Youkilis and Derek Lowe, find new places to play mid season the Red Sox loaded up this off season via free agency. Let's look at how these additions should help the Sox in 2013.

I have put each players WAR from 2012 in parenthesis next to their name.

  • David Ortiz (2.9)
  • David Ross (0.8)
  • Jonny Gomes (1.6)
  • Shane Victorino (2.4)
  • Koji Uehara (1.5)
  • Ryan Dempster (3.6)
  • Stephen Drew (-0.6)
  • Mike Napoli (1.4)

  • James Loney (-1.2)
  • Jerry Sands (-0.1)
  • Danny Valencia (-0.2)
  • Mike Aviles (2.0)
  • David Ross (0.8)
  • Daisuke Matsuzaka (-1.5)
  • Mark Melancon (-0.6)
  • Vicente Padilla (-0.1)

Notable Trades:
  • Acquired Mike Carp
  • Acquired Joel Hanrahan

The Red Sox added a ton this off season and look to be locked and loaded for another run in 2013. Behind hopeful healthy seasons from Jon Lester, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Andrew Bailey to name a few and the additions to the team should have them right in the thick of things again. The bullpen looks as deep as ever with Hanrahan closing and Bailey and Uehara in the middle to go with Alfredo Aceves and company. The offense looks versatile and looks like they can put up a ton of runs this season. The thing keeping me from being truly worried about Boston is the starting pitching though. We all saw Ryan Dempster get lit up last season in the American League and until Lester and Buccholz can do it with any kind of consistency from year to year I cannot find myself counting on them. They were terrible last season and basically all they could do was replace the guys that they gave away last season so how much did they really gain? Not enough if you ask me. 

2013 Prediction: 90-72 record 4th place finish

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