Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some notes to end the Spring: Hafner, Eppley, Warren, Boesch, Rodriguez, Gardner

Spring Training officially came to a close today after an exciting day with the Yankees playing (and winning) against Army. Here were some final notes from the Spring Training front on who got the last three roster spots for the Yankees.

1. Brennan Boesch made the team as the player on the bench but Boesch is the only player who doesn't really have a specific role. Girardi could DH him, start him in the outfield, pinch hit him. The possibilities for the Yankees and Boesch are endless.

2. Cody Eppley and Adam Warren both got the final two spots on the roster. The Yankees gave Eppley the benefit of the doubt after a bad Spring, but he looked sharp in his final outing, getting all four hitters he faced.

3. Travis Hafner was scratched from the lineup today due to some stiffness but it's nothing to worry about. The Yankees simply said Hafner didn't have enough time to loosen up. He should be fine for Monday's opener.

4. Alex Rodriguez is expected to be with the team on Monday for the Opening Day festivities.  Yankees however aren't sure if he'll address the media or not.

5. An interesting fact that I got from YES today. The only player that had actually faced Army (However, not the current 2013 team) was Brett Gardner. In 2005 he was apart of the NCAA with the College of Charleston and one of their opponents was Army.

6. One final note: the Yankees start the home opener on Monday, but there are only two players that are expected to start Opening Day that played last season: Brett Gardner and Robinson Cano. So we lost 7 of the guys to either the DL or to other teams.

Enjoy your night everyone and I will see you back here Monday morning where I will be blogging (and tweeting) about the home opener with the Yankees against the Red Sox!


  1. That last one is really amazing....only 2 players from last year's Opening Day Starting Lineup will be in this year's OD lineup.....Gardner & Cano. That is unbielievable and unheard of with the Yankees

  2. A pet peeve! When referring to a person one writes/says "who". When referring to an inanimate object one says "that". Sorry to police the article because it was well written except for the above. :0)

  3. It's fine Bob. Thanks for pointing out the small error. When nice commenters like you point out an error, it helps me as a writer, so I thank you for that. :)

  4. You are very gracious!

  5. Delia, that last point puts this current team in prospective, I am lowering my expectations until the regulars return.

  6. I think when everyone gets healthy they will be fine. never count out the yanks!1


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