Saturday, March 30, 2013

2013 Predictions : Alex Rodriguez Potential Milestones

2013 could be a real special season for a couple Yankees but none more then Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez. Maybe for just a few nights we can all forget about the 5 years and $114 million left on his contract with the Yankees through his age 42 season. Let us take a closer look at how many entries Alex Rodriguez may be making in the history books in 2013, even with his second hip surgery in the last five seasons. The point of this post may all be moot if he misses the entire 2013 season or never comes back at all but I am willing to be optimistic here so here goes:

  • Alex Rodriguez will enter 2013 with 647 home runs which is only 13 home runs away from tying Willie Mays for 4th on the all time list. Even with a semi healthy season Alex should have no problem passing Willie Mays in 2013. Even if he misses half of the season with the surgery he may still have a shot at it, see 2009. He enters 67 home runs away from Babe Ruth for 3rd all time just as an FYI.

  • Alex Rodriguez has quietly crept up on the 3000 hit plateau entering 2013 with 2901 hits, only 99 away from the milestone. Somewhere after the All Star break we will see Alex get his this historic hit. My prediction will be August 8th at home against the Detroit Tigers barring any kind of setbacks or additional injuries. 

  • Alex sits in 6th place all time in RBIs with 1950. That is 1 behind Stan Musial for the 5th spot, 45 behind Lou Gehrig for the 4th spot, and 46 behind Barry Bonds for 3rd all time. These are all within reach in 2013 barring a catastrophic injury. He still sits 263 RBIs behind Babe Ruth for 2nd all time.

  • Alex sits 10th all time on the runs scored list with 1898 runs scored in his career. He has averaged 100 runs scored over the past 5-6 seasons so if we make it an even 2000 runs scored after this season that would place him at 8th on the all time list. Stan Musial and Cap Anson would each take a step back on the list while Alex passes them. 

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