Saturday, March 30, 2013

Opening Day Roster: Agree or Disagree?

1B - Lyle Overbay

How in the world did Lyle Overbay make the team over Juan Rivera? Juan Rivera had a wonderful spring while Lyle Overbay had a terrible spring. While I, in no way, expect Juan Rivera to come anywhere near hitting .300 in the season like he did in the spring but I do, in fact, expect Lyle Overbay to struggle to stay over the Mendoza line like he did this spring. It is not even a veteran over a prospect kind of thing because Rivera is 34 years old and has played multiple positions for multiple teams over the years including having success with the Yankees.

UTIL - Jayson Nix

Jayson Nix I agree with only because Eduardo Nunez is the short stop on Opening Day. Jayson proved he could handle the New York pressure last year and can play defense at multiple positions. I think Jayson is on the team for the long haul as I see Nunez being sent down once again when Derek Jeter finally returns and personally that makes me happy. For what he is, a utility infielder and a bench player, Jayson Nix is good at what he does and is a perfect fit in New York.

RP - Shawn Kelly

I know that you should not put much stock into spring numbers but Shawn Kelly is pushing towards a 6.00 ERA. If it was him making the team for a injured Clay Rapada that would be one thing but he is essentially replacing David Aardsma and that just really pisses me off, pardon my french. Aardsma is on a very team friendly $500K one year contract and seems to be healthy after coming back from Tommy John surgery. Also David was never known for his control and such so what he did this spring should not come as a surprise to anybody.

BN - Ben Francisco

I cannot really agree or disagree with this move because I am so indifferent. I like his ability to hit for power off the bench and play the corner outfield positions but I would have really liked to see Melky Mesa in this spot. Melky Mesa can play center field and has the speed that will keep the Yankees in the outfield and on the base paths that will keep the Yankees versatile. It is hard to complain about a 4th or 5th outfielder though especially in a platoon situation, no?

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  1. I don't understand the Aardsma DFA one bit. Perhaps Overbay was chosen over Rivera due to his splits versus the AL East?


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