Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Game 33 Lineup: Yankees @ Rockies

It's the first game of Interleague with the Yankees and Rockies! Here is the starting lineup!

Ichiro Suzuki CF
Jayson Nix SS
Robinson Cano 2B
Vernon Wells LF
Ben Francisco RF
Lyle Overbay 1B
Chris Nelson 3B
Chris Stewart C
Hiroki Kuroda P


-- David Robertson will test his knee before the game. He anticipates that he'll be able to pitch today.

-- Brett Gardner will sit at least the beginning of the game out. Taking Gardner out of the lineup gives Joe Girardi some pinch-hitting options with Gardner, Travis Hafner and Brennan Boesch. In a dire situation, which one would you want?


  1. I guess francisco has to keep playing since Musty is still rounding back into shape and Adams is ineleigible. but does Joe have to keep hitting him in premium slots like 2nd and 5th?

    I also would not have sat Gardner tonight. His speed and defense in this huge ballpark would be a big asset and with Nunez out, his speed is needed more. He's also one of the few players who hasn't been terrible vs LHP this yr but Joe keeps putting the Ben Francisco Treat and his .133 BA out there.

  2. Which player does one have set?
    Easy question, as fishjam pointed out Defense is a must, speed also can be used very well in this ballpark.
    The question answers itself...Brett has to play CF!


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