Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Game 34 Lineup: Yankees @ Rockies

No, what you're seeing isn't a typo. David Phelps is actually hitting 8th...before the catcher. Here's the lineup.

Brett Gardner CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Vernon Wells LF
Lyle Overbay 1B
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Jayson Nix SS
Chris Nelson 3B
David Phelps P
Austin Romine C


  1. Phelps made 1 terrible, careless pitch today which Helton pasted but he's been very good otherwise. He's pretty smart for a young pitcher....he has an idea how to read bats and isn't afraid to throw all of his pitches at any time. His changeup is very effective against LH batters. His stuff is just too short to be a big-time starter but he's definitely got what it takes to be a back-end MLB starter.

  2. Granderson starting rehab starts, should be ready in a week. Francisco looks to be cut at that time. Yanks really need to do something about their line-up agains't leftys.

  3. Doug, how he is still on the roster with no backup infielder is mind boggling

  4. Adams was the one that should be up, but being released and injured in spring training really hurt him. Hopefully the Yanks bring him up after May 15.

  5. Maybe the Yanks can get a player like Cesar Izturis next year, he can play everywhere. The best move next year would be Zobrist, if the Rays don't pick up his options.

  6. Cant say enough about the Yankees pitching in this Colorado series. Wow

  7. Matt, I agree, the ball really flys out of that park Kuroda, Phelps, and CC pitched great as well as the relief. How about that Mo, he looks better than ever.

  8. Yanks made a questionable decision to DFA Adams and they could definitely use him right now. In their defense, I think they dropped him before the injury to Mustelier. So maybe they felt Mustelier was their insurance at 3B. Going into the season without a backup for Youkilis was a mistake with his history. They were fortunate to add Chris Nelson even though he hasn't really hit, he's a MLB quality defender at 3B. But they have other dead wood on the roster they could have dropped. I mean look at Melky Mesa...the Yanks are desperate for a RH hitting OF and he's still not on the team. Cut him! He's K'd 53 times in 115 ABS in AAA and is 3 for 30 vs LHP.

    As for Francisco, there is no doubt that Mustelier or even Zoilo Almonte would be better options than him but with Granderson only about a week away, they might as well hold out. However if Nunez isn't ready to play (they say he is), they have to bring up someone who can play IF whether it be Musty, Corban Joseph or any warm body. They lucked out with Wells the other night.


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