Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Daily Yankees Injury Update

Tons of injury and rehab updates to report from Tampa at our minor league complex.

Joba Chamberlain is scheduled to throw in a rehab assignment tomorrow for the Tampa Yankees and expects to make at least two appearances before the Yankees consider bringing him up. The Yankees are expecting to have Joba back this weekend for the Tampa Bay Rays Series.

Mark Teixeira saw about 40-45 at bats today in four simulated game at bats today vs. live pitching for the second consecutive day. Kevin Youkilis also got three at bats in a simulated game today although the number of pitches he saw was not reported.

Eduardo Nunez is doing tee and toss and so is Chris Stewart. There is no time table for a Nunez return but the Yankees are hoping to have Chris Stewart 100% by this weekend.

Alex Rodriguez took batting practice today.

The Yankees are about to have some serious problems on their hands, albeit good problems to have, when all these guys finally get healthy and they have tough roster decisions to make. How can you send down a Preston Claiborne when Joba comes back after all that he has done? How can you DFA Lyle Overbay who has arguably been better then Mark Teixeira would have been up to this point, not to mention 1000% more clutch. How can you end the David Adams era in New York when Kevin Youkilis and Alex Rodriguez come back? In my eyes you just can't. Good problems are better than bad problems but they are still problems so I do not envy Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman here in about a month.

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