Monday, June 3, 2013

Game 57 Lineup: Indians vs. Yankees

Brand new series, let's end this homestand on a good note. Here's the lineup!

Brett Gardner CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Travis Hafner DH
Lyle Overbay RF
Ichiro Suzuki LF
David Adams 3B
Reid Brignac SS
Austin Romine C

Andy Pettitte LHP


  1. I noticed that as well fish. Plenty of time to check on stuff while delayed. Ugh. This whole lineup is weird to look at

  2. look who is not on third

  3. Yeah, probably want to give Youk the day off and ease him back. Plus it's raining pretty hard here in NJ.

  4. The hardest thing for the Yanks to do is piece all the injured players back into the line-up and still have a productive offense. First we had Grandy, then Youk and Tex, after that it will be Grandy again, Jeter and A-Rod. I see people trashing Tex already when he had 0 spring training, that is something I can't understand. It will be difficult to intergrate all of these players back into the line-up.

  5. Joba is throwing 97, looks great tonight!

  6. His slider is still just ridiculous. Awesome

  7. I don't see Overbay as being such a good hitter that you have to sacrifice all defense at RF. Then again it's hard to be really mad at Wells or Ichiro not playing.

  8. doug...
    I still think Joba may want to go somewhere he can be a starter but, as fishjam, I and multitudes...ok, maybe a few others have said many times, his motion sucks. He can get by as a closer, which is where I and some others part ways.
    Most fans know Mo throws the cutter about 85-90 % of the time and Joba throws his slider for the SO about the same. Mo has pin-point control on his pitches, Joba...not so much!
    IF I were Cashman, I would offer him the closer role and closer $$$$$! I have advanced and retreated from Joba as our Closer for 2014. Joba has the talent, stuff and mental toughness to do the job. When he was Mos' set-up guy it was like having Mo pitch 2 innings.
    I have one caveat regarding joba as a starter...He must except his role as closer and forget starting or he will not be any good in any BP in the world!
    D-Rob is a very talented bp pitcher but, Joba has better make-up, talent, arm and stuff!
    He will start and fail, for someone other than us and end-up as a valuable closer somewhere! Why not have him close for us?

  9. old yankee, I like the way Joba is pitching this year, but closing is a different game. Many good relievers have failed when it comes to closing. I'm not sure Joba or Robby will be good closers, it's nothing like throwing the 7th or 8th. I don't see the Yanks giving Joba the closer job, and I don't see him as a starter.

  10. doug...
    Joba has closed 20+ games for the Yanks back in 2010 (I think) and a total of more than 30 (?). He has done ok as a closer but, this is another year. He is still building his arm up, for back to backs.
    To-night he was throwing hard but, it was all over the place, his C&C was all shot on a back to back night.
    As a starter, he will suck, sooner or later, as a BP set-up or closer, he can be unhittable at times.
    Who is the closer for next year if not Joba or D-Rob?

  11. old yankee, who is the closer that's the question, I don't think it's Joba. I think he is in the spot he should be in right now the 7th inning.


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