Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Biogenesis Suspensions Won't Come Before Thursday

In what I consider to be a very dirty move by Major League Baseball the suspensions for those players linked to Biogenesis will not be announced until Thursday. Thursday, tomorrow, is the day after the trade deadline so I am perplexed by the timing and am also disappointed in Bud Selig and his gang. 

Most players are expected to take the plea deals for lesser suspensions except for Alex Rodriguez of course who plans on fighting the suspension. Bad timing for the MLB reps to announce this as I am sure they have already come to their decisions as of yesterday. I can understand not wanting to take the attention away from the trading deadline but that is why you release the names an suspensions earlier in the week, not tomorrow. 

Now the Yankees have to search for an A Rod replacement for this season and next and are not even 100% sure he will be suspended at all. Bad timing Bud and I am disappointed in you and the game right now.

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