Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Yankees Do Nothing At The Trading Deadline

The Yankees let the 4:00 pm ET trading deadline come and go without making a single move and I cannot say I am more disappointed. I really do not have words for this situation and this team right now which is really rare for me so bare with me while I write this.

Michael Young announced that he would be willing to waive his no trade clause to play for the New York Yankees and the Yankees and Brian Cashman did not get it done.

The Orioles are ahead of us and they got better by acquiring Francisco Rodriguez for their bullpen and Bud Norris for their starting rotation. The Boston Red Sox acquired Jake Peavy to bolster their starting rotation and their bullpen. The Tampa Bay Rays acquired Jesse Crain for lord knows what, no really the player is still yet to be named and depends on Crain's performance, and the Yankees acquired Alfonso Soriano. The same Alfonso Soriano that the ownership pushed the deal for and not Brian Cashman. If it were up to Brian Cashman we would not have acquired anyone and that does not sit well with me.

I am literally at a loss for words right now. I know that we can still make trades through the waiver wire but that does not make me feel any better today. Speechless, truly speechless.


  1. To me, this is a total white flag. I guess they've given up

    1. If they have given up they should have sold...


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