Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Francisco Cervelli & Fernando Martinez To Be Suspended

Lost in all the Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez speculation and suspensions are Yankees players Francisco Cervelli and Fernando Martinez and their links to Bogenesis.  Obviously Martinez was signed to provide depth in AAA with what seems like the entire AAA team up with the Yankees at some point in this season but the Cervelli suspension could really hurt us this season. It is no secret that we have struggled offensively behind the dish this season and it is also no secret that Cervelli was hitting the cover off the ball before his broken right hand. With no obvious upgrades out there on the free agent wire, the waiver wire, or the trade deadline wire this could be a huge blow for the Yankees. The Yankees have been trying to rehab Cervelli and get him back to "save" this offense behind the dish but this suspension may totally derail his 2013 season. The Yankees may have serious problems behind the plate if Cervelli gets a full 50 game suspension because Austin Romine and Chris Stewart is not a competent catching duo on a playoff team in my opinion let alone a World Series contender.

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