Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yankees offense again don't show up; team loses to Dodgers 3-2

Despite a very nice effort from the entire pitching staff, the Yankees offense again decided that they had better things to do tonight as they fell to the Dodgers, 3-2. This game was definitely the kinda game where you knew it would only be tied until LA scored. They simply are the better team in this series. But I'm sad to say that that's not saying much. 

Tonight's Yankees starter, Andy Pettitte, took a no-decision after giving up 2 earned runs in a nice 7 innings of work. Bombers first basemen Lyle Overbay drove in the team's only two runs of the game, with a solo homer in the second and an RBI Groundout in the fourth. But besides those two lines, this one was very forgettable. So let's forget it. 

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