Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cano Leaves All Star Game Limping

This is not a joke... I repeat this is not a joke. Who am I kidding, this has to be a joke. All the injuries this season has to be a joke, it is the only explanation.

Robinson Cano left the All Star Game, you know that game that means nothing no matter what Bud Selig says, after getting hit on the knee with a 96 MPH fastball by Matt Harvey. Cano limped down to first base after being hit and was taken out of the game immediately. I am hoping this is just precautionary but if it wasn't then season officially over.

UPDATE: Everyone take a breathe the X Rays on Cano were negative and he should be okay.


  1. While I disagree about it meaning nothing (the purist in me going back to the AL vs NL of the 50's thru 70's) it is beyond comprehension that this would happen. Harvey had to be nervous facing such a monster lineup from the NL and just overpitched that one. It's funny how Cano didn't come out right away...think Cashman made a call to Leyland?

    1. AL...what the hell? Why would my autocorrect change AL to NL? ;)


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